Sunday, August 14, 2011

Growling about growlers

Here's a sore spot for me: why is it that I have to buy a new growler for each brewery I go to? I get the whole "I don't want to put my glorious ABC brewing beer into XYZ's growler" argument, but why not make a universal San Diego or California growler and have the breweries put a hang tag on the handle? Stone does this with their growler fills to let you know what is in that bottle, why can't other breweries? Are the breweries making that much money off the sale of their growler bottles and (for the places that have them) growler koozies/wetsuits? And, really, are you that frickin' vain that you think that I only drink beer from YOUR brewery?

I live in an apartment and it is hard to find storage space for the growlers we already own, and I have no clue where we will find the room to store more. With 35 brewieries in the county and more popping up every month we may have to convert one of the bedrooms into growler storage!