Saturday, April 20, 2013

Why I hate: Sam Adams

As a general rule I like to support the little guy. Some of the "little guy" breweries have now gotten rather large, but I will still support you... if you aren't a dick. Sam Adams qualifies for "dick" status. First they sue one of their sales reps who left their company to go work for Anchor Brewing. Recently they have threatened to sue Fezziwig's Brewing in Carlsbad over the use of the name because Sam Adams puts out a seasonal every Christmas called Old Fezziwig's Ale. Really, Sam Adams? A brewery that has never bottled its beers is a threat to one of your brand's winter seasonals? I don't buy it. And, therefore, I don't buy or drink Sam Adams. I could understand it if Fezziwig's Brewing was named Sam Addams and the folks at Sam Adams decided to sue, but to sue just because you have one seasonal beer that's using the name (from a story that is in the public domain) is lame. This means that Fezziwig's now has to change all of their branding, merchandise, their website address, company letterhead, and probably more things that have not occurred to me.So I will be drinking more of "the brewery formerly known as Fezziwig's" beers to help them to pay for the rebranding. Oh, and also because I love to drink beer... and they make some mighty fine beer.