Monday, September 5, 2011

It's a beer, not Detective Comics #27

While posting to a friend on Facebook I was reminded of yet another thing that has been pissing me off in the beer world lately - ultra rare limited editions of beers. Dude, it's a beer... it's meant to be consumed, not put in a hermetically sealed package like a mint-in-box Luke Skywalker action figure! Why do you have to sell raffle tickets online to "win" a chance to pay $25 per bottle for your beer? And then there's the super limited release stuff that goes out on tap with people waiting in huge lines just to get a chance at having a pint or two of whatever beer it is that is topping the charts on RateBeer and BeerAdvocate... argh! I will refrain from saying "it's just a beer" because I can't talk about beer like that, and it would piss me off if someone tried to tell me PB Brewhouse's Chocolate Mint Stout was "just a beer" because, well, it was so much more (and I would give my right arn to travel back in time and have a pint right now)... but I digress. I know there are a lot of us into craft brews that also grew up in the collecting scene - whether it was records, comics, toys or whatever - but I just can't wrap my head around collectible beers. I am not cooler than you because I have some Stone Green Tea IPA in my fridge, and you are not cooler than me just beacuse you have had a pint of Pliny the Younger.

Now, go drink that beer!