Sunday, August 14, 2011

Beer and rock and roll is all I want

Went to the Kensington Club on Friday night for the pre-Tiki Oasis party to watch one of my favorite local bands the Fink Bombs, and most of the night (except when the guys were playing) kinda sucked. We used to go to the Ken Club all the time to see bands and the place would be packed with people. Now it's like a ghost town! When we got there around 8pm there were 3 people in the bar and 2 of them were on their way out. We grabbed some draft beer from their sad selection - Fat Tire and West Coast IPA were the only microbrews - and took it over to the "show" side of the bar. As I'm drinking my beer I realize it tastes really watered down, because I have had Green Flash's IPA at the brewery and this was way toned down on the hops. So I finish my beer off as we are waiting for the show to start - scheduled time 9pm - and the guys go to grab us more beer. They come back to the table empty-handed because now the bar can't serve their draft beer for some reason. After a brief discussion we decide on bottled beer and I end up with a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale because it's the best thing they've got. Then the doorman comes around to collect the $5 cover charge from us, not realizing that 2 of us are in Hawaiian shirts (no cover charge per the Facebook show announcement) and ends up just letting all three of us in free since we have been in the room waiting for the show to start for a while.

Finally around 10:30, once a few more people have shown up, the show starts with a surf/punk band I have never seen before called Los Seafinks. We decide that they want to be the Creepy Creeps (great SD surf/dance band) but have failed miserably in their task. Next up is the Watusis, a three piece with a drum machine (really? drum machine?!?) who play some sort of  '80's synth crap. The lead singer/guitarist reminded us of Eric Forman from That '70's Show. They bring in a few more people (I think maximum room count all night was about 25, including band members) to watch them noodle around on their instuments. Towards the end of their set, Eric yells out, "Rock and roll is awesome!" and I can't stop myself from shouting back, "Then why don't you play some?" After a spectacular finale where Eric jumps on the monitor for a solo then falls off and knocks down his mic stand the set is over and the band leaves with all of their '80's wannabes, apparently too cool for the rest of the show.

The happy ending to the story is the Fink Bombs came on and tore it up. Check them out on Facbook! I was able to leave happy and run out for a after-show tradition, the late night carne asada burrito. Nothing tastes finer after a hard night of drinking and rocking than a carne asada burrito!