Sunday, August 7, 2011

There are other things in life besides beer...

Things like mead. I love mead. Yes, just like most other good little geek girls my love affair with mead started at Renaissance Faires, drinking Chaucer's from the ale stand. Now I like Chaucer's, but when that's pretty much all you can find you get real excited when you see something else out there. Enter Redstone mead, via the taps at Toronado and Small Bar. Their Black Raspberry is to die for (if you like dying for that sort of thing), and the Nectar of the Hops is quite tasty as well. Today we went up to the Pizza Port Bottle Shop in Carlsbad and found that (after months of half hearted searching at BevMo and other beer/wine sellers) they sell Redstone. Unfortunately there was no Black Raspberry, but we picked up some Boysenberry and Sunshine (apricot).  I think I scared all the people in the shop when I squealed upon spotting the mead in the case!

So, when we get up to the counter I start excitedly telling the clerk how happy I am they have it, when are they getting more, and what about the Black Raspberry... and he tells me, "well, most folks just brew their own because it's so easy, you just need water, honey, yeast and a closet to store it in for a couple of months." Damn him, now I want to brew mead! I just may look into this when I take my month long staycation in October, in addition to some other culinary experiments I want to try.