Sunday, March 25, 2012

April Fools?

From the West Coaster event calendar: Pliny the Younger CASK @ O'Brien's
Sunday, April 1st we will tap the only cask of Pliny the Younger that has ever been made at noon. Russian River loves making cask beer and they have made this very special cask just for this special day. If it is ready in time, we will also be serving Russian River Procrastination as soon as the cask blows.

So, real or fake? A bit of Googling has shown me that PtY has been on cask before, back in 2006 or so. I'm finding contradictory info as to whether or not Procrastination is a real beer - I found a couple of ratings for it, but the Russian River website just lists it as "coming soon" and it looks like Procratioation is RR's little inside joke. O'Brien's website doesn't mention this event at all, so maybe West Coaster is pulling a fast one on O'Brien's? At this point I'm really not sure...

I am so hoping this is a prank - I have made it pretty well known that I am not hip on the whole ultra-limited release and crazy beer hype that surrounds PtY (and other beers that fall into this category). Part of me wants to show up at O'Brien's on the 1st and just sit back and watch... of course I used to get my kicks working at the Mann movie theatre box office the Sunday after a time change (back in the '80s when people didn't have cell phones that updated the time via satellite). Now if it's real, well, let's just say I'd rather be at any other beer bar.