Saturday, January 14, 2012

Bad Dog!

First, my disclaimer: I'm a cat person. For years I thought all that dog person/cat person stuff was a crock of shit... but now I get it. I used to own a dog, but I am no longer a dog fan.

What is it with all the bars/restaurants that allow you to bring your dog? And WHY do people bring their dogs to them? Seems every place I go in South Park people bring their dogs. Really? Does your dog need to come to the Stone store with you while you taste beer? Does your dog need to go to Station Tavern with you while you are munching on tater tots? Does your dog really need a night out at Hamilton's just so I can trip over him on my way to the bar?

I want to start bringing my cats with me to bars. I will teach them to drink beer and sing along with Cherry Bomb on the jukebox over at Toronado. I want to see business start advertising themselves as "cat friendly" and give out free tuna and saucers of milk for my feline friends. Viva le chat!